Replacement Cost Estimator

Florida insurance carriers require all high end residential properties that are either over 4,000 square feet or valued over $500,000 to obtain a Replacement Cost Estimator to ensure that your property is insured for amount it would cost to reconstruct your property if suffered a total loss. Another common word for this service is Insurance Appraisal or Cost Approach.

The current tool used to estimate the cost of construction is the latest version of the MSB High Value Replacement Cost Estimator.  This type of report is different than your typical property appraisal that would be considering the real estate market values for your property value.

Commercial insurance replacement cost inspections are to be done every year to accurately insure the property at the correct amount every year. Being that the construction industry changes every day, appraisal’s are needed to protect the associations interest in the property they manage.

Floridian performs high end residential and commercial replacement cost for any and all types of property’s in the entire state of Florida. No job is too big or small.